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You all know the nerve endings that sense the 'prick' of the needle are ONLY
in the layer of skin. Few if any are in the fatty tissue below.

It really wouldn't hurt if we didn't "psyche" out over the sizes and such.
JUST DO IT! as NIKE says, and it's done.  Then you pull the needle part out,
only leaving the pliable bit of plastic tubing inside your skin.

You need to let the Nighttime insulin go. do as they say and you'll be fine.
Just look at it that it'll be one of the last real highs you will have and
instead, "psyche" yourself up for better bg levels in the future.

You GO girlfriend.
Jenny Sutherland

----- Original Message -----
I did get a little worried when they told
> me not to take my nighttime and morning doses of UL. I tend to run high in
> the morning (180-360). >
> During my survey of everything I was ok until I got to the needle on the
> soft-serter. I think that is the correct name. It looks a bit long. I just
> hate needles. Imagine that, an idd afraid of needles. It took me over an
> to do my first injection with a short needle and that is all I have used.
> Does that longer needle hurt?
> By the way I chose the MM508.
> Susan Bailey

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