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Re: [IP] Re: the insertion site and sex - a problem??

Having been divorced fairly recently, I can tell you that ex's say stupid,
hurtful things frequently -- maybe not on purpose, or with malice, but it
happens all the time.  Look back on the digests and see how many stupid
things non-related non-diabetics say to people :)

At the risk of practicing long-distance psychiatry without a license, I have
to say it sounds like your ex was doing a passive-aggressive backhanded
comment that could be defended as a compliment ("Hey, I noticed that she
looked good and told her so!  Why's she so angry?").  Even if you are both
making a sincere effort to be friends, there is a lot of hurt (on both
sides) when people break up, and it makes people say things that a moment's
thought would tell them are unproductive, undermining, and downright nasty.

I think it bugs you because it was a nasty thing to say.  My personal
opinion is that you should try not to worry about it and give new potential
partners the benefit of the doubt -- that they'll be excited enough to
frolicking with you that they won't care about a minor imperfection (and at
least it isn't an integral part of your body, like the birthmarks some
people obsess about, or a nose that's the 'wrong' shape, or a few extra
pounds where you don't like to see them yourself).

Just my 2 cents, if it's worth that much.

Take care,

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