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I got my pump in yesterday and I am really excited. I am hoping this will 
help my blood sugars under control. I feel like a truck ran over me almost 
I have used all of my vacation and personal days since I was diagnosed last 
October (most on Dr. appt's.) and I still have until March before I get 
I start on the 31st (of all days). I did get a little worried when they told 
me not to take my nighttime and morning doses of UL. I tend to run high in 
the morning (180-360). It would have been really nice if those darned orals 
had been a little more potent :). 
I took everything out of the box and was a little overwhelmed. My insurance 
was nice enough to cover everything 100%. Included in the box was 90 days 
worth of supplies.
Is this the norm.?
During my survey of everything I was ok until I got to the needle on the 
soft-serter. I think that is the correct name. It looks a bit long. I just 
hate needles. Imagine that, an idd afraid of needles. It took me over an hour 
to do my first injection with a short needle and that is all I have used. 
Does that longer needle hurt?
By the way I chose the MM508.   

Susan Bailey 
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