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[IP] Flatulance

doesn't happen when hre putts. So he doesn't poot when he putts, but he
poots everytome he takes a full swing, even his practice swing. Does anyone
else have this problem. It seemed to happen when he went on the pump.
Everything else about the pump has been overwhelmingly positive. I need
some help also because after a 36 hole day his shorts are almost ruined.
all suggestions will be considered. His endo says the problem is not
related to his diabetes.
Thanks for your help and for listening,
Ahh, but it iz related. Just like all the other nice complications. This is 
probably related to diabetic gastroenteropathy which manifests itself with 
constipation, eternal gastric fullness and bad digestion and sometimes 
breath. the nerves to the stomach and intestines are affected by diabetic 
neuropathy and none of the inner guts work properly. I'd take Demmie to a 
gastroenterologist even if his endo doesn't think so, this may be related. 
It can be proven with a gastric emptying test. In this test you eat a 
radioactive egg sandwich and it is followed in your guts by a nuclear 
camera. sounds fearsome but it is not dangerous and the results are often 
often gratifying to learn that it isn't something harmful or life 
threatening but something that usually can be fixed rather easily with 
medication and fiber. Don't skip the diagnosis step. My wife stayed 5 feet 
closer to me after the test when I told her I was not socially inept and 
disgusting but just diabetic and enteropathic. then she could also say but 
you are radioactive too. you can let me know privately if I am closer to 
the diagnosis than your endo. Spot and Christine.
A Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted

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