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[IP] Re: the insertion site and sex - a problem??

my ex was here for a few days (we try to be friends) during the two days that 
my pump had stopped working and i had returned to needles.  it took quite a 
while for minimed to fedex me a new one.  i had experienced five "no 
deliveries" so we replaced it.
the ex looked at me and said "wow!  you look so much better without it.  And 
it must be so much easier to navigate now - you know - when you're in bed.  
no worries about hitting that damn thing.  it was always in the way."
it didn't seem to matter that i felt healthier back on the pump; it was just 
that sex was such "a hassle" with it.
jesus.  i am so glad he's the ex.  does an insertion site REALLY GET IN THE 
WAY?  i disconnect, as i'm sure most of us do.
as if i don't worry enough about the darn thing (it's so weird for me to be 
without clothers with a "plug" hanging off my abs) when i begin a new 
relationship anyway.    i wish he'd never said it at all.  but he did.
and i don't know why i'm so angry.  maybe because i worry that it's true?
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