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Re: [IP] painful sites-help!


        I too have this happen to me at times and I have been on the pump for 
almost 3 years.  It has never bothered me to the extent as you have 
described.  You might want to give those areas that bother you a rest and try 
new ones.  I will say that this does not happen to me every time.....just 
every now and then say if I turn a certain way or bend a certain way.  The 
pain usually goes away after a few minutes.  If it does not then I change the 
site.  Usually I will find that the site it bent.  I too am like you and 
would not be on the pump if it were not for the sofserter.  That is one of 
the best inventions ever!  I hope you can find something that works for you.  
Good luck

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