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[IP] painful sites-help!

hi all!
i'm not sure what to do. been pumping (mm508)a month now. finally found
working ratios.my problem is painful insertion sites a day or two after i
inserted. i'm using the softset micro qr with the soft serter. i would
*not* be on the pump if it wasn't for the soft serter!! i just can't seem
to be able to willingly inflict pain upon myself :) too needle phobic, but
i'm trying...it still takes me awhile to push the button on the soft
anyway, the pain is hard to explain. it's like a twitch sometimes and
there's also tenderness *away* from the site. like if i press on the
insertion site itself there's no tenderness or redness or anything but if
i follow a muscle away and press, it hurts! there's also a sharp pain if i
turn certain ways. feels like a sharp sting and i jump.
i have been using ice on the spot before i insert, which works only as
long as the skin stays cold. then even the next morning it will hurt.
i am pretty adveraged sized. 5'3'' and 108 lbs., fine boned.
has anybody else experienced this? i read someone mentioned "virgin sites"
-well, all of mine are virgin sites! are you just more sensitive in the
beginning? how long do the effects of that numbing cream last?
if anybody has any ideas please let me know. my nubers stay good, and the
sites heal quickly, but this pain is really annoying! i can't use the
sils-too chicken to put the needle in. i've tried :)

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