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Re: [IP] Posting: Advice Needed For a New Pumper

> "live".    He is a full time chef and easily works 12 -14 
hours a
> day in a VERY hot kitchen.  He has been finding that due to
> excessive perspiration (and that he can't easily go home and shower
> intermittently), he is developing site infections. 

The site infections are due to some kind of bacteria... the heat/work 
are incidental. Proper prep should help stop the problem. -- in 
particular you must not touch your face while doing site prep or 
insertion -- this is harder to do than you might imagine. Carefully 
wash your hands, dry them on a paper towel or a freshly laundered 
towel -- studies show that the paper towel is actually cleaner. 
Arrange all of the necessary goodies, insulin, syringes, tape, set -- 
on a "clean" surface or another paper towel. Prep the site first with 
a Providine wipe -- let dry. Remove excess iodine with an alcohol 
wipe -- let dry. Apply IV Prep or Skin Prep -- let dry. Apply barrier 
tape OR infusion set as necessary --finish tape as required. Remember 
!! don't touch your face while doing this -- try to touch only what 
is absolutely necessary.

If sweating is causing a problem with the tape comming up, try some 
unscented dry stick anti-perspirant at the site before prepping.

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