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[IP] Posting: Advice Needed For a New Pumper

Hi everyone,

A few months ago, I posted a brief note onto the list.  My fiancee (newly
engaged!) has been a Type 1 for approximately 15 years.  I am not a
diabetic however have aggressively learned about the disease (thanks to all
of you on this list) so that I can support him and try to help him out when
needed.  I did a lot of research over the months, hooked him up with a
wonderful endo, and got him hooked up to go on the MM508 pump.  Well,
approximately 3 weeks ago he went "live".    He is a full time chef and
easily works 12 -14 hours a day in a VERY hot kitchen.  He has been finding
that due to excessive perspiration (and that he can't easily go home and
shower intermittently), he is developing site infections. Of course, this
in turn, will increase his blood sugars, etc. etc. etc.  and, in such a
short time, he is getting very frustrated and disillusioned.   His doctor
has suggested changing the site every other day instead of every three days
to help alleviate/lessen the infections.  Mark wasn't too crazy about this
either, thinking that the pump is now becoming more of a nuisance that a
help and suggested that he may go back to MDI.

Here's my situation where I would like to ask for suggestions,  insight and
perspectives that I can share with him to try and keep him on the pump.  I
have the utmost respect for him (as for all of you) and his living with
diabetes. As such, I always have to remind  myself that no matter how much
I care and try to find answers, I must respect his decisions because I am
not the one living with the pump and condition.   As an outsider, it may
easy for me to point out/remind him of the long term health benefits (I
want him around a long time), but again, I am not the one with a pump
attached to me.

Can anyone please share their thoughts on this?  Should I really try to
push and encourage him to stay on the pump or be more "silent"?  Did anyone
share these similar conditions and thoughts and if so, how did you resolve
this issue?  ANy perspective would be greatly appreciated.  Please also
feel free to email me privately at email @ redacted  Thanks
so much.

Suzanne M. Barber
Manager, Financial Analysis
Edwards Systems Technology

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