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Re: [IP] vacation supplies - 2 sets of extra batteries

In a message dated 10/24/00 9:19:45 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< well if it helps any, you're teaching *me* how to be perfect!  :-)
yet another nod to the beauty of the Internet, enabling us to share our 
collective experiences & hopefully spare someone having to repeat our 
  So here's my contribution to the list: we were in New England this weekend 
so that Melissa could stay overnight at Tufts, & then drove to Providence for 
Parents weekend at Brown to see her sister. While Deena was working, Melissa, 
hubby and I "redecorated" the room (with Deena's approval!) We went back in 
the evening to finish, while Deena joined friends at a concert. No sooner had 
we shut her dorm door, then Melissa realized she'd left her purse 
inside...with her meter! Having forgotten her meter a few wks ago at school, 
I knew she'd started carrying a 2nd one so I wasn't concerned...until she 
smiled sheepishly & said BOTH were in the purse....
   Oooooo..kay. So when Deena still wasn't home by midnight, we all went to 
sleep in the hotel, meter-less, & when we finally retrieved her purse the 
next morning, Melissa checked and was 260. Not surprising considering we'd 
had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory! A correction bolus, a delay in going to 
brunch, & by the time she was ready to eat again, she was back in range.
   Bottom line - thanks to all the "troubleshooting skills" Melissa has 
learned as a pumper since March '96, she was able to deal with the situation, 
accept it as an aberration & move forward. Not a bad "life skill" to have 
mastered at age 17!!....And I think I'll take a bow too for not having 
freaked out as I would have years ago in my more anal stage of color-coding 
recorded blood sugars!! LOL
Regards, Renee ( pump mom)
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