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In a message dated 10/23/00 8:08:12 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< I got my pump recently and MiniMed sent me an invoice
 saying to please play the aprox $5000 for the pump.
 Yet, my insurance pays 100% for the pump and I went
 through it. So then what is this? How do I handle it? >>
I had the same experience.  I called Minimed and they had fouled up the 
paperwork.  I made sure to get the name of the person I was working with 
because I'd had situations before where one person would say one thing and 
the next another.  She assured me she was making note of the fact my 
insurance covered 100% but advised it may take some time for that fact to get 
communicated.  I've had no problems since.  Hope the same is true for you.  
Jill Tiffany
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