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Re: [IP] New pump and confused


I looked at all the pumps and finally decided on the Minimed pump. I was
reading the "Pumping Insulin" book and it sounded easy to set it up. I
figured I would have to spend a couple of days testing my BGs every two
hours to make sure the settings were correct. Of course, they needed some
adjustment. At the end of the second day things were in pretty good order
and the night time BGs were holding pretty steady.

When I studied the pumps I ordered materials from all of the pump
manufacturers. each of them sent a lot of information and each included an
assignment of benefits statement for the insurance. I filled out Minimed's
statement and faxed it into them. A couple of days later the Minimed people
called to ask some questions about my diabetes. Then they wrote my doctor a
letter and asked him to sign it. He did and I had the pump in my hands two
days later. My doctor has set me up with and appointment with an Endo to
talk about the pump on Nov. 4th. My wife is so afraid of my hypoglycemic
events that she asked me to start the pump early. I figured that the
training from the "Pumping Insulin" book was good enough to get started. I
called my doctor and asked for a perscription for humalog insulin and he
obliged. I told him that I was going to start the pump myself. He has a lot
of confidence in me and didn't say no. I figured I could deal with the lows
pretty well. It was the highs that I was worried about. So far the highs
haven't happened.

Perhaps I'm just naive. Have any of you had a lot of problems starting the

Ray Rahn

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