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Re: [IP] New pump and confused


I'm the other guy starting the pump without the help of a doctor. How are
you doing with the pump? Have you settled in on basal and bolus settings or
are you still fine tuning? How long has it taken to get where you are with
the pump? This is my third day on the pump and things are going pretty
well. I feel like I have a lot more energy. So far I have only adjusted my
night time basal rates so that the BGs hold pretty steady. I plan to wait
one more day and then to fast and try setting my morning basal rate. I'll
follow up with setting my noontime and evening basal rates later. I figure
all of this will take me another week. I am going to try and allow two days
on any setting to see how they work. I got the initial settings by reading
the book "Pumping Insulin". They were pretty close.

Ray Rahn

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