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TYhanks to all those trying to help me with my sound problem. In frustration
after reading all your suggestions, we packed it up and took it to Best Buy.
They tried all the proper geek-style stuff and said my sound was shot.
They'd have it reinstalled this afternoon (10/23), I went back today after
my bi-weekly EPO injection and they couldn't find anything from IBM that
would work. Said they had to contact a website in Japan. I called about 7:00
p.m. and they still couldn't do it. So, the *best* thing was to retrieve and
get my $39.99 refunded and crash it, and reintall with the recovery CD. I
just got hooked up and receiving 112 messages - will crash, then reinstall
it and the programs I had that are necessary. 8^(((

Thanks again.
Jan & Bluda Sue

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