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Our prescription plan doesn't pay for his pump supplies. I wished it did.  I
would love to pay anywhere between $2 - $10 for them.  We have to go through
our Major Medical because it is considered a durable medical equipment.   We
were told that the prescription part would cover all of it.  Then when it
came time, they told us no.   Our pharmacist is really good about letting us
charge everything until the insurance pays.  I don't know what we would do
without her.  You might want to check with your insurance comany to see what
it is considered.  The insulin we can get through our prescription plan, but
that is all.


>I am in the process of having to order new pump supplies for my MM.  I am
>trying to see who will give me the best deal.  So far I think that the
>50/fifty pharmacy will let me pay just my prescription price ($10) for my
>supplies.  If that is the case, I will be using them.
>Thanks for your help
>Mel and pumpy

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