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On 23 Oct 2000, at 20:52, Melissa Howell wrote:

> Tomorrow night, I will be joining with a MM team to talk to diabetics who
> are considering pump therapy.  I am sure that they will have a million
> questions for me and the other pumpers regarding pump therapy v.s. MDI and
> living with the pump.  I was wondering if anyone can share with me any info
> that you feel will help me explain this wonderful little device to these
> people.  I am sure that they will be asking the usual questions...does it
> hurt?, what about the shower? what about sleeping?  I can answer these
> questions from my own experience but I thought that the group might be able
> to help me with creative ideas or answers.  There will be individuals there
> of all ages.  Any info will be appreciated!!

as someone who's been evaluating this myself, here are some of 
the questions I've had over these past months:

Does it hurt to insert the needle thing?
Do you feel the needle after it's inserted?
Does it make you feel like an invalid? (I had visions of my mom's 
elderly friends with colostomy bags)
What does it feel like if you bump it?
What happens if it breaks?
Is there any kind of warranty?
Can you download the data in it to a PC?
What's this I hear about an auto-inserter thingy? (Sof-serter)
Is it heavy?
Is hyperlipotrophy as much of a problem as with syringes?
How often does it clog?
Is it possible to get the tubing wrapped around your neck while 
Do you have to change it after you go swimming?
Are you as more or less risk of hypos?
Is it more useful for people on high doses or insulin or low? or is 
there a difference?
What happens in airports?
Can I make my insurance company cover it? (see ADA website to 
look up US State laws)
How much does it cost? for the pump, and for monthly supplies?
Where do you put it if you have very little fat?
Can you feel the insulin being infused?
Insulin at room temperature can go bad in a month, what about it 
being kept next to your skin and thus even warmer?
How much insulin does the reservoir hold?

Things I've learned since I first heard about the pump but wouldn't 
have thought to ask about:

Allergy to adhesives or tubing and what to do about it
Clicking or whirring sounds (so far that's what causes me the most 
concern because a dripping sink, or rattling fridge or ticking clock 
can DRIVE ME BATTY--it's part of my ADD, I can't tune out 
repetitive noises very well)
MiniMed will attempt to mediate with your insurance company *for 
Getting a loaner to use with saline as a trial to see if you can get 
used to it.
Getting homeowners insurance to cover it for loss or theft (or 
damage?)  What about people who rent and have renter's 
What's this about the programming being cleared by static 

Well, hope that helps. :-)

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