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Re: [IP] pump died! Need help! ASAP

> My pump has died! And I need some suggestions asap, if possible. My
> Dr wants me to take NPH. I don't want to take it because my pump
> will more than likely be replaced by morning. I have had NO insulin
> or food today and my BS's are staying right around 250.

this can be pretty easy. Lily went without for a 3 day weekend with 
no pain/no strain. She injected regular insulin every 4 hours into 
her set disconnect to cover her basal needs (getting up once in the 
exact middle of her sleep period). She did her boluses the same way 
for food. Her bg's were actually better than usual, I think she 
watched things a little more carefully. She did not change her meal 
or sleep pattern, but just carried on as usual. This was about 3 - 4 
year ago when she was 13 or 14.

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