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[IP] Dual Bolus or equivalent

> I saw on this list last week how people will do two boluses for
> some foods.  I'm planning to try that (since I'm still pumpless, I
> mean that I'll try two injections) next time I have pizza.

Although Humalog was my usual pre-meal insulin, I used Regular when I ate
pizza and similar foods.  The longer action of the Regular worked well with
these foods.  When I was away from home and my supply of Regular insulin,
and unexpectedly ran into a pizza, I too would use two injections of
John Kinsley
Type 1 - 1956
MM 507 - 1998

Well, Pizza and a lot of similar foods have large amounts of fat with
interfere with CHO absorption from the gut. The question is how much of a
time delay does the fat impose on the CHO. I suggest getting a CGMS study
from your doc or Minimed rep and eating a Pizza then watching the CGMS to
determine the absorption. Also, works with pasta and sauce well. You take
the peak of the CGMS or sequential blood sugars and work back from that to
when you should take the Humalog and How much. With a pump you can (On a MM
508) program a dual wave bolus which gives two boli separated by a time
duration also programmed. This works well for gastroparesis as well. I use
50% of the Humulog up front 50% after 1 hour. YMWV. Humulog works fast but
remains active for at least 8 hours (480 minutes). You may need to adjust
the front loading and subsequent bolus and timing based on your bg readings
Although the Disatronics and Animas pumps lack the square and dual wave
bolus features of the MM508 they can be programmed to deliver the same kind
of wave. With a temporary basel

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