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[IP] Type 2's

While it is true that when you take away our insulin, a Type 1 would have 
problems faster than a Type 2, I don't believe it helps any of us to "fight" 
about who is worse off.  I am new to pumping.  I started in July of this 
year.  As a Type 2, I was told for years that I would never get a pump.  I 
fought and fought and my dream is a reality.  While it's true that pumping 
takes even more time and management than my regular shots did, I can't even 
begin to count my blessings.  I feel like I have a new life.  If there are 
other type 2's out there that are still being told that pumps are only for 
type 1's, keep up the good fight.  Contact the pump companies.  I believe I 
have a pump because of the compelling letter that Minimed wrote on my behalf 
to my insurance company.  Don't give up!!!  Barbara
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