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Re: [IP] pump died! Need help! ASAP

You can take the Velosulin, as it is no more different then regular insulin.
You might want to do tiny injections through today and nix any NPH. on the
other hand, a small dose of NPH may cover you enough for the nighttime.

It does sound like he (The Doc) hasn't got all his marbles. If you've done
injections before like this do what has worked for YOU.
Jenny Sutherland

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From: "denise poole" <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Monday, October 23, 2000 11:39 AM
Subject: [IP] pump died! Need help! ASAP

My pump has died! And I need some suggestions asap, if possible. My Dr wants
me to take NPH. I don't want to take it because my pump will more than
be replaced by morning. I have had NO insulin or food today and my BS's are
staying right around 250. Mu basal rates are .5 from midnight til 6 am. And
from 6 am til midnight. I can figure out the boluses, just not the amount
the basal rates. Can anyone help me with this? Also my Dr is telling me I
cannot use my velosulin for injections, which is what I have always done
I have had to take a back up injection?! Does this advice make any sense? I
hate to have to go to the pharmacy for all the prescriptions she has planned
to call in for me just for one days worth of MDI! Thanks a million for any
advice! Denise

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