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Re: [IP] pump died! Need help! ASAP

In a message dated 10/23/00 1:41:14 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Mu basal rates are .5 from midnight til 6 am. And .3
 from 6 am til midnight. I can figure out the boluses, just not the amount for
 the basal rates. Can anyone help me with this? Also my Dr is telling me I
 cannot use my velosulin for injections, which is what I have always done when
 I have had to take a back up injection?! >>

Hi Denise

Tell your doctor "mmmm-hmmmmm," then add up your basal rates for four hours 
(I THINK!) and take that much Velosulin (every four hours) for a basal rate 
injection. It's your diabetes, not your doc's (who does not sound like he/she 
knows what he/she is doing). If you use Humalog for basal, inject every 2 

Jan and Elvis (who will NEVER use NPH again, EVER)
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