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[IP] pump died! Need help! ASAP

My pump has died! And I need some suggestions asap, if possible. My Dr wants
me to take NPH. I don't want to take it because my pump will more than likely
be replaced by morning. I have had NO insulin or food today and my BS's are
staying right around 250. Mu basal rates are .5 from midnight til 6 am. And .3
from 6 am til midnight. I can figure out the boluses, just not the amount for
the basal rates. Can anyone help me with this? Also my Dr is telling me I
cannot use my velosulin for injections, which is what I have always done when
I have had to take a back up injection?! Does this advice make any sense? I
hate to have to go to the pharmacy for all the prescriptions she has planned
to call in for me just for one days worth of MDI! Thanks a million for any
advice! Denise  

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