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Re: Re: [IP] Request

At 08:49 AM 10/23/2000 email @ redacted wrote:
 >  This is true about sending HTML mail. But a great many people have problem
 >with seeing also I do so I have setup my computer to show the larger type
 >size. Not everyone knows how to do that. I have had people in chat that
 >could not read what was going on because of type size or they typed in CAP
 >all the time. I checked my three other programs and they all have ways to
 >inlarge font size. So..........

I hope you realized that there was no criticism intended. I think we're on 
the same wavelength... we're just dealing with different problems. I had 
assumed (dangerous) that most people had set the normal font size to the 
one that suited them already. But, I suppose that this ain't necessarily so.

However, if something arrived that was radically different from their 
normal font, then that meant that it was in HTML. These HTML posts have 
been a constant battle for us... we get complaints all the time because 
people can't read them. They also double the bandwidth because of their 
added bulk. I wish "MicroSloth Outrage Express" would NOT have this as 
their default... unfortunately too many newbies don't have a clue.


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