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Re: [IP] Request

At 07:33 AM 10/23/2000 email @ redacted wrote:
 >Rodney F. Mead, Jr. wrote:
 >> Natalie,
 >>       I'm not sure how to do it in netscape & other programs ( I can check
 >> on them if you like) but in most all mail program you CAN CHANGE the TYPE
 >> setting. In Outlook   Click On  1. Veiw then  2.Fonts then  3. Largest.
 >> You can also do this in IE to get BIGGER type size in chat or to see
 >> webpage.  So........................................
 >I'm sending this to the list just in case others are in my boat.
 >I'm using Netscape, Version 3.0 Gold, on an antiquated computer (amazing
 >how fast they become obsolete!!!).
 >Most of the messages come in clearly in good size and font; just a few
 >are teeny tiny and unreadable.
 >I'm NOT a computer geek, so maybe you should help me!!!  :) :) :)

The problem is not on your computer. The problem lies with the person 
sending the mail. All text messages should look pretty much the same. It's 
only HTML mail that will look different. You are lucky that font size is 
the only problem. For many people the text will look just like so much 

The solution, is for people to insure that they are posting in plain text 
only. This is especially true for Outlook and Outlook Express users where 
HTML is turned on by default.


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