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Jim Phillips <email @ redacted>
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Jim Phillips (email @ redacted) & email @ redacted
   I was diagnosed with diabetes at age 11 and have had 
diabetes for 35 years.  I use the Minimed 507 pump going 
on 6 years.  My A1c has dropped from 14.0 to under 10 
which is still not that good but I'm trying.  I've had 
complications typical to men with diabetes--retinopothy, 
some kidney dysfunction, neuropothy, and high blood 
pressure.  I am fairly active, exercise when I can and 
watch what I eat.  I have a 6 year son that keeps me 
moving.  Also my young wife will not let me stand still!
We live in Alabaster, Alabama.  >>>>>>>SNIP

Hey Jim!   Welcome!  I am in Huntsville, Alabama, put on a MM 507 by
Dr.David Bell at the Kirklin Clinic in 1996.  Don't you love hte freedome.
Have you had any physical improvements in the retinopothy or kidney
disfunction or nueropothy since going on the pump?  I didn't know these
complications were typical in men, I thought they were typical in diabetics.
Anyway, so glad you have joined us.  There are at least 4 of us in
Huntsville and we are trying to start a pumpes support group.  Do you have a
support group there?   You will find this list is the best place to be.
Glad you are here!
Bonnie Richardson
Huntsville, AL

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