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Re: [IP] Request

At 09:30 PM 10/22/2000 email @ redacted wrote:
 >A few people are sending messages in a very tiny type-face.
 >Would it be possible to alter your settings to a larger type? It's
 >really hard for some of us to read!

Better yet, take off all styled text and post only in plain-text only. If 
you can change fonts within a document, add underlining, italics, bold 
type, etc. you are posting in HTML.  This can make your messages virtually 
unreadable for many email programs as well as taking double the space for 
each message. For people who's software can't read HTML or who have limited 
storage space with their ISPs, this can be a real burden.

Some email programs like Outlook or Outlook Express will post in HTML by 
default, unless you purposefully go into the preferences and make sure that 
"plain text only" is checked.


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