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In a message dated 10/22/2000 10:20:45 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Hi,I Have had diabetes for 18 yrs. and really interested in the insulin 
 pump. >>
Hi Regina, I do not understand why your Dr. won't help you with the pump. 
When I decided to go on the pump several months ago, I got on the Minimed 
website and got all the info about it. Then I talked to Minimed by phone. 
Gave them my Dr. name and phone number and after answering a few questions 
minimed said they would contact my Dr. and take if from there. Which they 
did. When I next saw my Dr. he made a sly remark about my doing this pump 
stuff backwards. He said, you are supposed to talk to me first and I contact 
the pump company. I apoligized for  stepping on a few toes and that ended it. 
Please talk to your doctor again and do not back off. You have a right to use 
a pump and if he still balks, get a new doctor.Joan
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