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[IP] a battery reminder for me, which I thought I'd share


Just wanted to share the benefit of an experience I just had.  Last Friday I left
Maryland early in the a.m. for a 1-week trip to a conference in Vancouver, BC.
As always, I had an extra set of batteries for my pump and my meter.  On the way
to the airport, I got the low battery warning from my pump, and 30 seconds later
there was absolutely no power.  These were 357s, not the 657s that have been so
problematic for people.  They are the same batteries I have used for years and
had no problems with.  Anyway, I pulled over, got the spares out, and put them in
the pump.  I immediately got the low power warning on the spares.  So. . . after
stopping at several convenience stores and then looking at the stores in the
airport with no luck, I got on the plane.  I figured the worst case scenario was
that I would be doing injections until we arrived.  Fortunately, the batteries
lasted the 5-hour flight, and we were able to find the 357s at the Real Canadian
Superstore as soon as we arrived.  The story ended happily.

The lessons I learned:

1.    check your spare batteries to make sure they are at full power

2.    once your spares are gone, you have no backup, so you might want to bring 2
sets of spares when you travel

Just thought I'd share.


Oh--the 3rd and most valuable lesson I learned:

Vancouver, and neighboring Vancouver Island, are WONDERFUL!!  If you've never
been, plan to visit soon.  Great food, interesting people, amazing scenery, and
reasonable fun shopping.  Also, I rode in a seaplane for the first time and saw
my first whale.  What fun!

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