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Re: [IP] Venting from Nancie Foreman

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>Subject: [IP] Venting from Nancie Foreman
>Date: Sun, 22 Oct 2000 08:43:47 EDT
>Just read Nancie Foreman's (or Melissa Collin's - couldn't tell from the
>heading) story of the college exam episode.  This professor seems to be
>carrying great anger and making assumptions that have nothing to do with 
>though you're certainly on the receiving end of his passive aggression.  
>knows what his issues are with students who need accommodations or, 
>more importantly, with his need for control and his lack of trust.  I think
>he's made assumptions that you're not interested in his class, you're
>manipulating, and you've cheated by taking the exam late.
>   I applaud your persistence in this situation though you certainly got
>caught with many people with their fingers in the pie (clear communication
>rarely happens in these circumstances).  I also applaud your ability to see
>the situation somewhat from his standpoint. He may indeed see your being 
>for class and leaving in the middle of a video as lack of interest and
>disrespect for him and his material.  Shoot up and check your sugar in 
>- what the hey!  Another wonderful opportunity to teach the masses.
>Not sure this will work at this stage but, if you could live this moment 
>I'd suggest using the KISS acronym - Keep It Simple Stupid.  Be direct and
>assertive.  "These are the accommodations I receive: My test needs to be at
>OSSD by . . .; They will enlarge it so I can see it; I will take my test on 
>. . at . . .; I/OSSD director (or whoever) will get the test back to you 
>and when).  I assume you've had no problems in other classes or with other
>professors so the accommodations must be clear and adopted (or is it still
>too early in the semester to have tested this?).  You may have to do this 
>other classes too.
>The group (CDE, the health center and the OSSD director) "talking to him"
>will probably be experienced by him as an external slap (or thwart to his
>manhood, power and control) and you may get the repercussions from that 
>Though I know it's hard, don't take this personally.  This man has 
>He MIGHT change with all the input from the powers that be but I wouldn't
>count on it.  Do you plan to stay in this class?  If so, go with KISS each
>time you need accommodations and state clearly what will happen, when and 
>whom (I'd even put that in writing each time).  Your grievance letter is
>appropriate but again may have repercussions.  If you stay in class, 
>this at the end of the semester after you've gotten your grade will benefit
>other students in the future though not you.
>I think your writing IPers is wonderful.  This is a great place to vent
>(hopefully letting you release at least some of the angst) and get 
>Hang in there.  Jill Tiffany
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That was a great letter you wrote to Mellissa Collins re: really ..long 
vent..hopefully things will be turned around for her,
                                       Cordially, Nancie

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