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[IP] RE: Hypoglycemic deaths

> My 'guess' would be that there are far more deaths caused by
> hypoglycemia than are reported, and that there are  many that are
> reported.  What kind of statistics are there?
> - --
> Jack Granowski

According to Diabetes 1996 Vital Statistics, pub ADA, the mortality rate in
Type1 diabetics is 6.5 per 1,000 male patients and 5.7 per 1,000 female
patients and more than 15% of patients die by 25 years' duration or by age
40.  Mortality rate in males is 5.4 and in females 11.5 times the rate of
the general population.  In people with diagnosis <30 years of age Type1
reduces life expectancy by at least 15 years.  Onset before puberty is
associated with a *reduced* mortality rate compared with onset after
puberty.  The cause of death varies by age and duration of diabetes.  Those
with short duration, which is primarily younger patients, the cause is
generally due to acute complications (DKA or hypoglycemia) however, no
statistics are given but the book says, "Rarely is hypoglycemia a cause of
death in people with IDDM, a reassuring fact given the focus on better
glycemic control to prevent or delay complications."  We all KNOW that pump
users will drastically alter these stats.

John Kinsley
Type 1 - 1956
MM 507 - 1998

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