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[IP] Re-high BG

Hi Peter!
For me I am used to have high BG. I often goes so high that I can not measure it means over 600mg/dl. When my BG is that high raise my basal to 3.0-3.5u/h and give myself a usual injektion (with a syringe) with about 10u Humalog. Then I chek my BG every hour and sometime more often. If I do not get it down in the time of 4 hours and more insulin, or if i am really bad and have it hard to breath because of the high BG I go to ER. But if you are not used to handel BG on that level go to the ER soner. Why I injekt whit a syring besides the pump is that in this situation I need to pump in so much insulin in so short time that you have to spreed the insulin so you do not have all insulin in one place. I have MM 507 and it have never been the pump which has failed, we have cheked. It is me. I can have a BG on 108 mg/dl and 15 minutes later it has raised to over 600 mg/dl with out doing or eating anything.
Marie email @ redacted