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[IP] Venting from Nancie Foreman

Just read Nancie Foreman's (or Melissa Collin's - couldn't tell from the 
heading) story of the college exam episode.  This professor seems to be 
carrying great anger and making assumptions that have nothing to do with you 
though you're certainly on the receiving end of his passive aggression.  Who 
knows what his issues are with students who need accommodations or, probably 
more importantly, with his need for control and his lack of trust.  I think 
he's made assumptions that you're not interested in his class, you're 
manipulating, and you've cheated by taking the exam late.

  I applaud your persistence in this situation though you certainly got 
caught with many people with their fingers in the pie (clear communication 
rarely happens in these circumstances).  I also applaud your ability to see 
the situation somewhat from his standpoint. He may indeed see your being late 
for class and leaving in the middle of a video as lack of interest and 
disrespect for him and his material.  Shoot up and check your sugar in class 
- what the hey!  Another wonderful opportunity to teach the masses.

Not sure this will work at this stage but, if you could live this moment over 
I'd suggest using the KISS acronym - Keep It Simple Stupid.  Be direct and 
assertive.  "These are the accommodations I receive: My test needs to be at 
OSSD by . . .; They will enlarge it so I can see it; I will take my test on . 
. . at . . .; I/OSSD director (or whoever) will get the test back to you (how 
and when).  I assume you've had no problems in other classes or with other 
professors so the accommodations must be clear and adopted (or is it still 
too early in the semester to have tested this?).  You may have to do this in 
other classes too.

The group (CDE, the health center and the OSSD director) "talking to him" 
will probably be experienced by him as an external slap (or thwart to his 
manhood, power and control) and you may get the repercussions from that too.  
Though I know it's hard, don't take this personally.  This man has problems.  
He MIGHT change with all the input from the powers that be but I wouldn't 
count on it.  Do you plan to stay in this class?  If so, go with KISS each 
time you need accommodations and state clearly what will happen, when and by 
whom (I'd even put that in writing each time).  Your grievance letter is 
appropriate but again may have repercussions.  If you stay in class, writing 
this at the end of the semester after you've gotten your grade will benefit 
other students in the future though not you.  

I think your writing IPers is wonderful.  This is a great place to vent 
(hopefully letting you release at least some of the angst) and get feedback.  
Hang in there.  Jill Tiffany
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