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[IP] love this revisited

I wrote  
>  > (SARA SP here...I disagree with this...I was able to do MDO on less than
>  > that...A couple of boxes of syringes and 24 bottles of insuline (1 each 
>  > regular and NPH) do not cost $1200! )

and natalie SEra wrote  
>  Well, if you used a new syringe for each injection, and took an average
>  of 5 injections a day, that would be 1,825 syringes. Or 19 boxes. So how
>  much does a box of 100 syringes cost? 

well actually I wouldnt, and didn't use a new syringe every time...and I 
never used an alcohol swab on the bottle and one on my arm either...One box 
of syringes would last me at least 3 months...so 4 boxes in a year is 
what...i havent bought a box of them in 7 years...still using the last box of 
100 i had when i went ont he pump and they were about $16 a box then...and of 
course, i was using NPH and REGULAR, not the OVERPRICED Humalog

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