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Re: [IP] Airports/Airplanes

On 21 Oct 00, at 4:16, wombn wrote:

> Because airplanes always ask you to turn off pagers and 
> cellphones and stuff, do you have to turn off your pump? (doesn't 
> the newer MM have a remote?)

I've flown many times since I got my pump and I've never had much 
problem.  At some airports it sets off the gates and I usually just wait until 
they go through the scanning with the wand and it either rings on my belt 
buckle or the pump.  If it's the pump I take it out of the case (the padded 
sports case) and tell them it's an insulin pump.   I've been through several 
times and the alarm hasn't gone off at all.  They usually get more excited 
about my computer than about my insulin pump...

> What about the security gates?

No problems.  Just cooperate, don't get upset and don't volunteer any 
information.  I have had security guards ask questions like "How long have 
you been on the pump?" and "How do you like it?"...  I've also had some tell 
met that another guard or a relative has a pump and really likes it...  If 
they act like that just be friendly and tell them how much you like the pump 
or if it's taking some getting used to...  Most of the time they aren't trying 
to hassle you, they're just doing their job...

I'm going to Canada (Toronto) soon so it will be interesting going through 

Rev. Randall Winchester
WD4HVA (email @ redacted)
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