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[IP] High BG's

I have had somewhat of a rough day today. it started with weird episodes a
get every 2 or 3 months, which have an effect on my BG but not usually
severe. Anyway, I have been running in the 130 - 190 range and bolusing to
compensate and then I found bubbles in by infusion set so I changed changed
it. My BG was at 180 so I took my dinner bolus + 1 extra unit for the high
BG by syringe (I did not what to go overboard and 1 extra unit should have
brought my BG to around 130). I checked my BG 2 hours later and was is at
292! I do not know of it was a bad injection site, bad infusion site or the
"weird" episodes I am having today. The episodes come on quickly and last a
couple of minutes. What happens is that I get weak (sometimes I must sit
down) and have general thoughts and memories about my life that seem very
real and valid at the time but in reality are completely out of wack. I only
have the vaguest idea of what they were after it's over. Anyway I guess I
will check again and see where I am at in another hour.

Dx - 1972
MM508 - 5/2000

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