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Re: [IP] Carb listings for Asian foods?

On 21 Oct 2000, at 15:13, Darrin Parker wrote:

> Example:  In the books I have; there is no reference to "Scheziuan Black
> Bean Curd".  Chinese.  I checked bean, curd etc etc.  No "curd", no "bean
> curd"...

If I know the ingredients of a food, I look them up on the USDA 
Nutrient Database:


Bean curd isn't listed, but several types & a couple of brands tofu 

Sushi itself isn't in there, so you'd have to break it down to its 
ingredients and guess about the sizes.

The scale I have at home measures in oz, not in grams, so I go 
here to convert oz to grams (since the USDA database doesn't 
always have an "oz" type serving size):


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