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Re: [IP] New pump and confused

Thank all of you who responded to my message. I now know what the IV3000
patches are for. They have multiple uses. You can use them under the
infusion set needle to protect the skin if you are sensitive. Also, they
can be used to add extra holding power for those athletes among us.

I made it through the night on the pump. I calculated a single daily basal
rate using the guidelines in "Pumping Insulin" and used half of the TDD for
the daily basal total. This gave me a rate of 1.2 units per hour which was
a little too much for the night time basal. Tonight I will try 1.0 units
per hour. I think this will see me through the night ok.

The carbohydrates per unit that I calculated using "Pumping Insulin"
appears to be close to what is needed. I use one unit of humulog per 8.9
grams of carbohydrate. Also, the basal rate of 1.2 seems to be working well
during the day. I will do some experimenting on the daily basal rates after
I get the night basal set correctly.

The greatest thing about this morning was not having to take an injection
prior to eating breakfast. Instead, I counted the carbs, set the bolus and
began eating. What a change after 45 years of injections!

Jenny asked why I was calling my pump the mosquito. I don't have a good
reason. It just seems so small and I can hardly feel it while it is doing
it's work. Sort of like a mosquito out in the woods.

Ray Rahn

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