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[IP] Carb listings for Asian foods?

Example:  In the books I have; there is no reference to "Scheziuan Black
Bean Curd".  Chinese.  I checked bean, curd etc etc.  No "curd", no "bean

Also I note that the Shushi listings appear to be way off mark.  All the
shushi i've eaten here and in other provinces has been served in teh same
size servings and my insulin requirements tell me the "rolls", as an
example, are about 10g each CHO.  Yet all "rolls", California, squid,
salmon, etc are listed in my carb books as only 4-6g CHO.  (???)

I'd appreciate it if anyone who is a fan of Asian foods can please let me
know if you have found a comprehensive book on the carbs in such foods.

I wish to refine my carb counting as on MDI it's all a rough estimate due
to the inconsistency of the N.  I understand the pump will allow me ot nail
boluses to the tenth of the unit!  So of course, I wish to refine my


Darrin Parker
email @ redacted   Nova Scotia, Canada!

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