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[IP] Nasty hypo guy (me) scares his gal

Just am now getting to reading a week's worth of digests.  I need to share a
trick my family worked out to get me to cooperate.

I use cola to treat severe lows - plenty of fast sugar and enough caffeine
to get it into my brain faster.

Like all argumentative low sugar monsters, I would refuse to drink the cola
is one of my family handed it to me saying I needed it and to drink it.
[Not going to let the Big D control me. I know when I'm low... - yeh, like
that's likely to be true with a sugar of 20]

Anyway, one day my teenage son merely handed me the can of coke and said
"Here's the coke you asked for."  I never argued with him - If I asked for
it, and I am never wrong (especially when low), I must need it.  Drank the
thing down without a question.  Later I mentioned that I didn't remember
asking for the soda.  He smile and said "You didn't."

We have used this method ever since.  And when I am that low, I don't have
enough active brain cells to remember that it might be a trick.  I save
face, and my family saves frustration and fears.

YMMV - but it works fine for us.

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