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Re: [IP] LOVE this

email @ redacted wrote:
> (SARA SP here...I disagree with this...I was able to do MDO on less than
> that...A couple of boxes of syringes and 24 bottles of insuline (1 each of
> regular and NPH) do not cost $1200! )

Well, if you used a new syringe for each injection, and took an average
of 5 injections a day, that would be 1,825 syringes. Or 19 boxes. So how
much does a box of 100 syringes cost? 

Figure 19 boxes of syringes and 24 bottles of insulin, plus alcohol
wipes (now, WE know we never use them, but the docs and nurses don't
know that, do they?), plus sharps containers, how much does that come

I'd sorta disagree with the pumping figures, too -- They quoted $700 a
year -- that would just about cover the infusion sets, but what about
the reservoirs, and the batteries and Hibiclens and extra tape or
barrier preps, etc.

Seems to me that pumping is more expensive than MDI, BUT it's worth it
to me, and I sure don't want businesses and health-care systems to think
any differently from what was written in the article!!!!!!  (Naughty
girl, I am!!)


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