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Re: [IP] Airports/Airplanes

wombn wrote:
> Because airplanes always ask you to turn off pagers and
> cellphones and stuff, do you have to turn off your pump? (doesn't
> the newer MM have a remote?)

I dunno about the 508, but the reason for turning off pagers and stuff
is that they broadcast and can interfere with the navigation equipment
of the plane. The 507 and previous models, as well as the Dis and
Animas, don't broadcast anything, so wouldn't be a risk. 

If the 508 works with infrared or something, it might not interfere,
either -- and you don't have to USE the remote, anyway, so I don't think
it would be a problem, but the best thing to do would be to ask Minimed
> What about the security gates?

Apparently, some of the old pumps had problems, but I've never had
anyone even notice my pump if it was tucked in under my clothes. If they
notice it, they think it's a pager and ask you to give it to them, but
it's easy enough to demonstrate that it's a medical device -- the MM
even has "insulin pump" WRITTEN on it.
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