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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #572


sure he is violating your rights and making that class a pain in the ass...do 
you really have the time and the energy to BATTLE with this idiot?  Imean 
talkng to this advocate and that counselor and all that can take a lot of 
time, as you already know!  How did you have time to study for this stupid 
test with all the running around you had to do to arrange it???  Can you not 
just casually tell him to back off or you will report him for discriminating 
against you?  Tell him  you know your rights and  you provided him with the 
sheet explaining the guidelines and you h ope he can locate it in time for 
the next class because you are NOT going through the hoops for the next 
one...OH and you expect to have your test graded and returned to you at the 
same time as everyone elses!

Can you take the class with another professor?  do  you HAVE to take this 
class?  Not that I am advocating run and hide and not stand up for your 
rights....but this just seems like a losing battle.  Personally, I would tell 
him to "kiss my big ole white butt and read the rule book dude", and leave it 
at that.  Ignore his glars when you test in class...by the way, you do know 
that if you don't check for ketones IMMEDIATELY, they won't kill you, right?  
Or even cause much irreparable hurt, so I personally would not bother with 
being courteous to him and the others by leaving the room to check...

life is too short to have to do battle daily...hope you end this one quickly, 
poor thing!

want I should go talk to him with my cousin Big Tony from Corleone???

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