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[IP] LOVE this

The followingi s copied from a news story on the STOCK on Minimed...what I 
love about this article is how it is SO much more accurate about DIABETES, - 
i mean this article was written from a BUSINESS pers[ectove, not a health 

"MiniMed is a technology-driven medical device outfit with a commanding 
position in its rapidly expanding market segment. The company is primarily 
focused on the intensive management of diabetes, a very serious debilitating 
illness that has afflicted over 120 million individuals worldwide. The cost 
of treating this disease currently exceeds $100 billion annually and MiniMed 
has an array of products that can reduce the cost of treatment and vastly 
improve the quality of life of the afflicted.

Approximately 16 million individuals in the US are afflicted with either Type 
I or Type II diabetes. MiniMed's external insulin pump treats the more 
serious Type I, which affects one million Americans.

MiniMed's pump, which delivers insulin as needed throughout the day, is far 
superior to the alternatives of conventional medicine or multiple daily 
injections. It provides a much more accurate dose, is less costly over the 
long run and is significantly more convenient to the user. In fact, the 
annual cost, excluding the one time $5,495 cost of the pump is $700 versus 
$1,200 for multiple daily injections and $2,400 for conventional approaches.

(SARA SP here...I disagree with this...I was able to do MDO on less than 
that...A couple of boxes of syringes and 24 bottles of insuline (1 each of 
regular and NPH) do not cost $1200! )

MiniMed now controls 85% of the market for infusion pumps, but there's plenty 
of growth left. Only 10% of all Type I diabetics use advanced infusion pumps. 
Much of this can be attributed to the technology adoption curve. There may 
soon be an inflection point in the demand curve as 60% of the users have 
purchased its pumps in the past three years. Tellingly, once educated on the 
benefits of the pump, healthcare workers and diabetics overwhelmingly support 
its use"

For the entire article:   <A HREF="http://biz.yahoo.com/wi/001019/12265.html">
Yahoo - Sector of the Day: Big Opportunity In MiniMed</A> 

Sara SP.

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