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Re: [IP] New pump and confused

Actually the adhesive on the tape can aggrevate the skin and so I lay down
an IV3000 BEFORE inserting my sil, then the adhesive doesn't bother my skin.

If you use the first dressing and then cover it all with the IV3000, but
find your skin becomes itchy very soon, say 12-24 hours after insertion,
then you can try the IV3000 UNDER the sof-set or sil and see how that goes.

Why "mosquito"?
Jenny Sutherland

----- Original Message -----
From: "Raymond C. Rahn"
Subject: [IP] New pump and confused

> I need some help from those of you with pump experience. I received my new
> pump from MM and I plan to start it myself. I understand everything that
> came with the pump except a box of adhesive patches labeled IV3000.
> Minimed's documentation doesn't address the use of these patches. The only
> note in English on the package reads "Moisture responsive canula
>  This patch supposedly keeps bacteria from growing under the patch. It
> appears that these patches go over the infusion set and holds the set
> stable at the point of insertion into the skin. Is this correct? If so,
> then why two patches? The "Soft-Sets" come with a protective patch. Are
> two used together?
> Ray Rahn
> Hoping for improvement through pumping. By the way, I thought I would call
> my pump "The Mosquito".

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