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Re: [IP] Nasty hypo guy (me) scares his gal. Here's her email:

I have lived with my husband since becoming diabetic. Over the 
years we have developed a routine when I experience lows that 
cuts out the battles most of the time.

When he notices that I'm low he immediately takes charge, that 
has helpped in situations that there are others around that tend to 
overreact, including my mother who is also type I.

He never asks me a question, controls his emotions, and is very 
direct. First he says we are going to check your blood. Then we 
eat something together. His tone is now comforting and confident 
when a low occurs. I will either get real silly and stupid or nasty.
In the beginning. I would always get nasty and pick a fight and with 
me it was duck and cover because the nearest throwable item 
would hit the air. The fights would last til I would get to a point that I 
would shake and he would have to do something. He now knows 
the signs much better. I too would feel like a complete idiot for 

On the other side, growing up with my mom. My brother and I 
would have to force my mother to drink some juice. It was difficult 
to get her to do this often and this was before meters. 
Living with a diabetic is challenging at times, but we are loved.
Gail J Donohue
email @ redacted
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