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Re: [IP] A Really, Really, REALLY Long Vent (GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!) >:-(

Sorry about your situation!  How frustrating!  You DO have the right to 
attend class and take care of your diabetes.  That's just one reason for the 
Americans with Disabilities Act.  Sometimes we all need to do some time, 
schedule,  and lifestyle rearranging to ensure our health is taken care of 
and you are entitled to FAIR treatment.  It sounds like your professor 
doesn't know a thing about diabetes.  I would definitely talk to someone at 
your school (administrator, councilor, advisor) and discuss your situation 
letting them know you are doing everything possible to accommodate your 
health while keeping up with class work.  Does he make anyone else that 
leaves class to go to the restroom bring a note?  Don't let him get you 
down!!  You deserve to be in class and be treated as fairly as anyone else!  
It sounds like he wants total control of every move his class makes.  Get 
someone else to back you and figure out how to resolve this difficult 
situation.  It sounds like you have a plan underway but I would question that 
all that is necessary other than him knowing you're diabetic and sometimes 
need time to do test bloodsugars, ketones, etc.  If he gets all the notes, 
etc., this time what might he ask for in the future?  Don't let him get away 
with discriminating against you because of diabetes (contact the ADA if you 
have to).  By the way you have described his actions he probably has treated 
someone else unfairly on the past.  Hang in there!!

Good Luck,  Linda
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