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Re: [IP] A Really, Really, REALLY Long Vent (GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!) >:-(

>From: Melissa Collins <email @ redacted>
>Reply-To: email @ redacted
>To: Insulin Pumpers <email @ redacted>
>Subject: [IP] A Really, Really, REALLY Long Vent  (GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!)  
> >:-(
>Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2000 20:34:50 -0700 (PDT)
>It all began a month ago.  On September 19th, I woke
>up in the 400's with large ketones.  (Infusion set
>must have gone bad during the night.  Grrrr!) Needless
>to say, I didn't feel too good.  So, I spent the
>morning and beginning of the afternoon inside my room
>because I wanted to make sure my sugars were under
>control and that it was safe for me to be walking
>around campus.
>I was able to get my numbers and ketones down (or
>close enough) to the normal range by 2pm; however, the
>problem with this was that I ended up missing one
>class and being VERY late for the other one.  (My
>second class was at 2pm but I didn't go to class until
>3pm because that was when I felt ok enough to go to
>My first teacher saw me that day and understood why I
>missed class.  He was worried about me, but I didn't
>have any problems at all with him (that day or any
>other days this semester).  I guess he was so
>understanding about these things because he is an EMT
>and he understands these types of situations.
>My second teacher, however, was a different story.  We
>were watching a video that day, so after class I
>approached him.  I apologized for being late and
>explained why I was so late for class.  While I was
>explaining this to him, he was standing by the door.
>After I was finished, he turned his head, and WITHOUT
>saying anything to me, he WALKED OUT of the room!
>Then, on October 5th, we voted on the date we wanted
>to take our mid-term exam.  We decided to take it on
>October 12th.  On October 10th after class, I went up
>to him and talked to about how he wanted me to take
>the test because of my accomidations.  (I am legally
>blind and I have a moderately-severe hearing loss in
>addition to my diabetes.)  He mentioned that he hadn't
>talked to our Students with Disabilities Office, or
>OSSD, but he mentioned that he wanted ME to get in
>touch with the director.  (I was mad at that because
>that was HIS responsibility, not mine.)  Grrrrrrrr!
>He then asked me what accomidations I normally
>received for tests because he didn't have the sheet
>that I had given him from the OSSD director and
>couldn't remember what it said.  So I told him what I
>needed.  He then asked me WHY I wanted/needed those
>accomidatons!!!  I (again) answered his question.
>(Don't ask me why I did.)  Anyway, he ended the
>conversation by telling me to call the OSSD office,
>talk to the director about what I needed to have
>happen, and to have her call him. Then he said
>something VERY important to me: he told me that HE
>Right after that conversation, I went and talked with
>the OSSD director.  I explained that I was having a
>test for that class on the 12th and that she needed to
>call and talk to my professor.  She said that she
>would call and talk to him and let me know what they
>had discussed.
>On Wednesday afternoon, I again went down to the
>office because she had not called me.  It turns out he
>still had not delivered the test to their office nor
>had she talked with him because he had not called her
>back.  Because that office usually enlarges my tests
>for me, she and I were worried about me being able to
>take the test the next day.  And to further make
>things worse, she told me that she would not be in the
>office at all for the rest of the week.
>She then called that department's secretary to see if
>he had left my test with her.  He hadn't.  My director
>explained why she was asking about the test, and the
>secretary offered to enlarge the test for the OSSD if
>my teacher delivered it to her in time so that she
>wouldn't be rushed into sending it over to the OSSD in
>time for me to take the test.
>However, because the director and I were so worried
>about me getting the (enlarged) test on time, and
>because she was not going to be there, we had a
>discussion with the GA who worked there.  All of us
>came to the agreement that because of the problems
>with getting the test and because I needed extra time
>to take it (not to mention the fact that the director
>wouldn't be there to supervise the situation in case
>the test wasn't ready by that time), we all agreed
>that it would be better that I came to the office to
>take the test on Friday afternoon.  (We all agreed
>that I would take the test in that office.)
>We all agreed that arrangement would be the best one
>because that way, the office could look at it and make
>sure that it was enlarged big enough for me to see.  I
>also liked that arrangement because I knew if there
>were any problems that the office would have had
>enough time to get in touch with me about the
>situation.  (And, yes, I have to admit it: I was happy
>to be getting an extra day to study.)
>So, on Thursday, I was surprised when I walked into my
>room at 12:26 to get a message from the office saying
>I urgently needed to call them.  I called, and the GA
>told me that my test had been enlarged and was ready
>for me to take it.  Here was the kicker - I needed to
>take that test in another room than the office and
>that I needed to take that test at 12:30 that day!!!
>I was mad because I found out from the GA that the
>test had been delivered that morning to the office.
>The GA told me that he had been rude to her and didn't
>really listen to what she was telling him.  We both
>could understand that he wanted to take the test that
>day, but at the same time, we both felt that I should
>take the test on Friday like was originally planned
>because that was the accomidation arrangements we had
>all agreed to, and he had agreed to go along with
>whatever the OSSD director and I had decided.
>I told the GA that I was going to follow the agreement
>that I had with the director and she told me she was
>going to call and explain this to my professor.  Both
>the GA and I were NOT happy that my teacher had
>handled the situation that way......
>On Friday, I came to the office and took the test like
>I was supposed to, without any problems.  (Which was a
>good thing because that was a 3 hour test for me.)
>There wasn't any more problems until the next time I
>saw my professor, which wasn't until the following
>Tuesday (the 17th).
>My teacher passed back our exams and discussed them.
>However, he didn't give me mine back.  So, after class
>I went up to him and asked him if he had gotten my
>test.  He was very mad.  He told me that he had gotten
>my test, but he mentioned that he hadn't graded it
>He also told me he was upset because it wasn't
>delivered to him until that morning.  I told him I
>didn't know why he didn't get it until then, but I did
>tell him that I had taken the test on Friday.  He told
>me that he knew about that, but was upset at how I had
>taken the test and told me that he needed to talk to
>the OSSD director about the situation.  He then told
>me that I should have made those accomidation
>He never said this, but by the way he was talking, he
>sounded (at least to me) that he wasn't going to grade
>the test until he had spoken with the director and had
>a reason to grade it because of the way it was handled
>by the OSSD!!!  GRRRRRRRR!
>I left class upset but decided to not question things
>any further until he had talked with the director or
>until the next class, whichever came first.  That's
>when my NEXT complaint comes in.  (Yes, there is MORE
>to this story!  Grrrrrrrrr!)
>On Thursday, I needed to check my basals at 2, 3 and
>4pm.  Naturally, two of those times interfered with
>that class.  Because we were watching a video and I
>felt that it was common courtesy to not distract the
>class by checking my sugars in front of them, I
>decided to check them in the restroom that was
>practically right next to that classroom.  So, I left
>the class at 2 and 3 o'clock.  No problems, right?
>After class, I went up to him and asked him if he had
>spoken with the OSSD director about the test.  He told
>me that he hadn't yet talked to her.  I can't remember
>if he mentioned it, but he implied (by the way he was
>talking) that he hadn't graded the test yet.
>Then, he asked me why I had left the class.  I
>explained to him that I was on the insulin pump and
>that I needed to check my blood sugars in order to see
>if I was getting the right amount of insulin.  He then
>asked me why I needed to check them every TEN minutes.
>I couldn't understand what he was talking about
>because I had only left the class twice to check my
>sugars, so I told him that I had only checked them two
>times.  He then said, "Well, is it that bad that you
>need to check them so often?"  Grrrrrrrr!
>I answered that sometimes I did need to check my
>sugars that often.  (I was thinking about the times my
>sugars go low.)  ***He then said, "Well, you need to
>give me a note from your doctor saying that you need
>to do that."***  Basically, not only does he want me
>to give him a doctor's note for that day's blood sugar
>tests, but I also need him to give me an excuse for
>testing my sugars any other time in the future!!!
>I understand that some diabetics would try to take
>advantage of this type of situation, but at the same
>time, I am not a little child either!  If I want to
>fail, then that is my choice!
>I also don't mind checking my sugars in class, but I
>felt that I was being respectful to him by not
>distracting the class by checking my sugars.
>Actually, the more I think about it, when I am low it
>probably IS better for me to check my sugars there
>rather than leaving.  So, if I need to check them
>there, then I can do that.  But here is the big
>question: what happens if my sugars get very high?  I
>could give myself my insulin by a shot in class (heh
>heh!) but I can't check for ketones in his class so I
>would have to leave the class anyway.......
>In the meantime, I have already talked with my CDE and
>she is going to be writing a note to my professor
>about the necessary sugar checks.  Also, she is going
>to talk with the health center and they are going to
>provide an excuse for the day that I was very late for
>class.  (I can't wait until the health center hears
>about these new developments relating to diabetes and
>my professor since I KNOW they are going to have a
>fit!)  Also, I have spoken with the OSSD director, and
>she told me that she is going to speak with my
>professor on Monday.
>I am sooooo mad!!!  I don't know what to do about this
>one.....  I was thinking about putting these
>situations (plus the other ones that all of the
>students in his class are mad about) in a letter to
>him so that it is in writing. I also thought I would
>send a copy of that letter to my CDE, the campus
>health office, the OSSD director, that department's
>chair, and the dean of this school.
>What do you all think about all of this???  Am I crazy
>for being so angry???  Am I doing things wrong???  Is
>he right???  If not, is there anything any of you
>would suggest that I should do to fix this
>situation???  I know several of you have posted about
>problems with testing and schools, but I thought
>things were different for me since I am in college and
>its not like I can go to a principal or anything like
>that.......  I guess this is one of those annoying
>"major life-changing/growing up learning experiences."
>  Grrrrrr!
>Thanks for listening to me vent!  I am sorry this post
>has been so long!  Any help you can provide would be
>very greatly appreciated, even if you tell me I am
>wrong!  Thanks in advance for all of your help!
>Pump hugs,
>Melissa Collins
>email @ redacted
>Happily Pumping since being Assimilated February 22, 2000!
>To pump or not to pump, that is the question..............
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Aaaah yes! Some people just don't get it! I won't bore you with my stories 
but I will say that unless someone has actually lived with a Diabetic very 
close in their life they mostly do not understand. One guy I knew had 
apparently lived with a roommate with Diabetis who he said never had any 
problems. I personally doubt that..I think maybe he didn't take time to 
notice. Once a teacher wouldn't let me leave the class to go to the medical 
room..I had to be carried from her classroom..she was the librarian, and had 
  received ample brochures from my mom...oh the list is endless! We need to 
educate, and to stress the importance of a cure! I inderstand your 
frustration! I am sorry that you had to go thru that..but hang in there! 
Things are only getting better with time!

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