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Re: [IP] Ancestry

A. Bender, M. D. wrote:
> I'm a black russian but my
> parents link to Poland and the origins of my family date to the inquisition
> and Spain. So, I supose I'm really quite Hispanic. My type 1 cousin comes
> from similar stock except she has lots of Polish blood. My dad and her dad
> had type 2. Her mom had type 2 my mom  had no diabetes in her family they
> were from the Bialystock region of White Russia which prior to Annexation
> was part of Poland. 

My friend Ann, who is a CDE and of Slovak descent, says that East
European Jews get a double dose of diabetes: Both Type 1 and Type 2 are
more prevalent among them than among their neighbors, or among Western
and Southern Europeans!

My own diabetes seems to be fairly unique to my mother's family
(although she herself never got it) -- a mixture of Type 1 and Type 2???
A little of both and a little of neither. The only thread I can pull out
of it is that it's non-obesity related, and not insulin-resistant. 

If I was an epidemiologist, I'd love to study my own type of diabetes --
first to find out what distinguishes it from other types, and second,
what its prevalence is, and whether it's ethnically related.


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