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Re: [IP] Ancestry

> How many of you type 1's on this list is of Scandinavian ancestry? In
>  >particular Sweden and Finland. I read some Diabetes fact and the
>  >of type 1 per population is much higher in the Scandinavian countries.
>  >wondered if it meant you were more likely to develop type 1 if you were
>  >from there. My parents are Swedish and I'm a type 1.
> I have heard this about Scandinavians also but never knew whether or not
> it was true.

Like many of you my ancestry was Finnish. My mother was all Finnish and she
had seven sisters and out of them three had type 2 diabetes. No cousins or
others that I know of. My dad was German with some of them having type 2
diabetes I think. So also only my twin and I have diabetes and have had it
since we were quite young 6 and 11. And I have read about from some Finnish
study about the number of cases in that country also with young people that
they sent me. It was sent this spring, I think she got it from a cousin on
my mother's side in Finland. When my mother went to visit her side of the
family she still had a couple of her aunts living and they didn't know of
any relations that had the disease,but this was in the middle and late 70's.

So I guess there could be an heredity factor in the mixture to trigger it
off in some of us today the weak link or gene. That is my view but like so
many on this list we got it after a bad bout with smallpox.

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Type I for 44 years
Began pumping w/MM 507C 8/31/99

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