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Re: [IP] Sherry's Pregnancy Update

My sister wondered how they knew to the day from an early-on sonogram when
her baby was conceived too.  They told her (and it sounds plausible) that
all babies start out the same size (a 'merged' sperm and egg cell) and the
cells divide at a known rate for the first couple of months of pregnancy.
So they can measure the baby at that point and tell how many days it has
been growing, with fair reliability.

In her case, her larger than normal preemie had to be tested to verify from
her lungs that she was, in fact, premature, but the sonogram estimate turned
out to be very accurate.  The child in question is 18 now, so I'm sure
science has progressed since then, but that was the basic principle.

To keep this diabetes related, she also had a really bad hypo episode in her
first trimester (eventually came out of it after 12 hours or so when her
liver caught up with her insulin, and she had had seizures) and was told
that as long as she lived through it, the baby had been getting the lions
share of the available glucose and the episode wouldn't have messed with the
baby's development at all.  Her doctors with both kids were more concerned
(from the baby's standpoint) with on-going uncontrolled highs than with

Might be out of date, or not.  Take with grains of salt.

Kathy Trondsen

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